PA. TECHNOLOGIES develops solutions to limit the erosion and abrasion of industrial equipment and offers various solutions: ceramic, wear resistant concrete, basalt, pipes, resins ...

Exclusive distributor of the Densit® product range for more than 20 years, PA. TECHNOLOGIES combines its know-how with high performance technologies.

Our experts adapt each solution to the constraints and requirements of the customer. These solutions range from the simple supply of materials to the study of turnkey solutions.

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In close cooperation with your company, we offer you the latest technological advances in the field of anti-corrosion and waterproofing coatings.

With its know-how, PA. Technologies develops technical solutions that use appropriate and affordable technologies to meet your specifications.

PA. Technologies is able to provide services ranging from preliminary technical analysis to full project management that includes the design phase, the definition of the coating material and its application.

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Historically, PA. Technologies has built its know-how around the development of proven solutions in the refractory field.

From conventional concrete flooring to complete equipment, including the design of pre-molded and precooked parts, PA. Technologies offers a complete range of standard or customized solutions, meeting the specific needs of each industrial installation.

Our availability, our responsiveness to finding the right solutions, our presence at your side upstream and downstream of the intervention, are our distinctive strength.

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In collaboration with its customers, PA. Technologies has acquired recognized expertise in this field and develops solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our design office specializes in finding solutions to extend the service life of equipment and avoid unproductive shutdowns of production lines.

From the high temperature valve to the cyclone valve, our design office develops innovative solutions, taking into account the specificity of each installation and the new technologies available.

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The reliance of our customers, led us to use our skills in the application of specific solutions for the rehabilitation of aging infrastructure and attacked by the many environmental constraints: acid attacks, shocks, corrosion, etc. In recent years, PA. Technologies intervenes structurally on damaged works. We work in partnership with our customers and specialized design offices to propose reworking of degraded areas. Anti-corrosion resin treatments are also applicable in a second time.

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