Low Temperature

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Slim protection

For temperatures lower to 200 °C

PA Technologies proposes different types of solutions, depending on the chemical and/or corrosion attacks origin: epoxy resins, Vinylester, others…

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PA Technologies realises composite solutions against strong corrosive attacks. The company is used to realise the lining of withholding tanks or equipments with our solutions.

High Temperature

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3L&T Solution

Our partner 3L&T has developed specific suitable solutions to chemical attacks produced by acid flows of fuel gas. These Gas with a high chlorine, sulphur or other chemical element contents, are condensing in contact of cold points in the equipements, creating extremely high corrosive acids on steel casings. We are involved in the treatment of numerous areas like : Kiln shells, ducts, electrofilters, chimneys .
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Reche solution

This highly emissive ceramic lining (RECHE) composed of an exclusive mix of ceramic and metallic additives is specially manufactured in order to offer a protection against erosion and corrosion, whereas it is improving heat transfer and thermal efficiency. The green colour of the lining allows to quickly identify the areas still protected and those which we have to keep an eye on. This means, identify the highly abrasion and corrosion areas before the tubes drill, and thus define an adequate maintenance planning.