Steel Industry

PA. Technologies offers up the significant experience in the industrial coatings used in the steel industry.


PA. Technologies refers to your process conditions to determine the correct material for the right application. In the field of wear, we put forth the Densit® concrete whose wide range of coating has proven its quality for more than 30 years,. It is mostly used in coatings of separators, cyclones, crushers, dragging chains and all types of ducts. Moreover, Densit® coated pipes are also applied in the context of pneumatic transport in particular. Therefore, we also propose the ceramic-based solutions for applications and conditions of specific processes and for a severe wear.


PA. Technologies distributes and implements refractory solutions adapted to the steel industry, and more particularly to its sensitive areas. We propose not only a distaff, covering powder, rammed earth or a range of specific concretes but also all types of accessories such as anchors, fibers or insulation. Do not hesitate to contact us to lower the cost of your expenses and to increase the lifespan of your installations.

Civil Engineering 

The trust of our customers has led us to expand and develop our qualifications in rehabilitation of aging infrastructures subject to numerous environmental stresses such as : acid attacks, shocks, corrosion, etc. For several years, PA. Technologies has intevened structurally on damaged structures. Primarly, we cooperate with our clients and specialised design offices aiming to find the best repair solutions for degraded areas. What’s more, we are able to offer many surface treatments e.g in the form of anti-corrosion resin.