We offer services adapted to your requirements : from simple supply of materials to CRAFTMAN SUPPORT…


Coordinate all means to implement an industrial project from its definition to its realization.

Analyze, improve and repair an industrial process or installation.

Several patents have been filed in recent years.

Sale of materials

Our partnerships of excellence as well as our wide selection of high-performance products enable us to offer for sale the materials adapted to the various problems encountered by our customers.

Research and innovation are the drivers of P.A TECHNOLOGIES.


PA. Technologies offers its support for the implementation of its solutions by certify its customers the compliance with the application procedures of materials, so that they meet the customer’s requirements and offer the best.

The teams go on site and validate the key steps: type of equipment, quantity of water, conformity of environmental conditions, roughness, thicknesses, are all points to be monitored as part of the implementation of specific solutions.

Realization en workshop

Our workshops meet the expectations of the client regarding the implementation of solutions in accordance with PA’s know-how. Technologies. The laying of the coatings is then carried out in the rules of the art and in the ideal conditions. In the interests of responsiveness and savings, these applications can also be carried out in partner workshops in France and abroad.

On-site intervention

PA. Technologies teams are able to implement all the solutions offered directly on site and on the industrial equipment concerned. Our workers have all the training and habilitation necessary for our know-how: work at height, confined space, scaffolding,… PA. Technologies relies on its MASE certification obtained in 2013: safety remains our priority!