PA. Technologies demonstrates an experience in each of the areas of expertise adapted to various incineration processes, whether household or industrial waste.


PA. Technologies refers to your process conditions to determine the correct material for the right application. In the field of wear, we put forth the Densit® concrete whose wide range of coating has proven its quality for more than 30 years,. It is mostly used in coatings of separators, cyclones, crushers, dragging chains and all types of ducts. Moreover, Densit® coated pipes are also applied in the context of pneumatic transport in particular. Therefore, we also propose the ceramic-based solutions for applications and conditions of specific processes and for a severe wear.


The combustion of waste creates corrosion problems in incineration equipment. As a matter of fact, gases loaded with particles of sulfur, chlorine or other chemical elements condense on contact with colder surfaces, thus creating sulfuric or chloridric acids. Our anti-corrosion coatings are specifically designed for these stresses. We deal with metal casings such as ducts, filters or electrofilters (clean  and dirty chambers or hoppers), chimneys, etc.




High temperatures and chemical attacks place heavy demands on certain refractory zones. Our low porosity solutions allow to meet these demanding stresses in a specifically selected and correspondig to our clients way. 


30 years of experience has allowed our Design Office to develop a wide range of equipment: Cyclone valves, High temperature valves, NoseRing, Lifters, Shock air nozzles, etc. 


PA. Technologies distributes and implements varied solutions against bonding in installations. The solutions that may be preventive include the application of materials with very low coefficients of friction improving the sliding of the material, or of materials closing the porosity of the concrete substrate, through very high pressure unclogging systems. The example might be the Cardox technology, invented by our partner – ATD Cardox, which uses the CO2 at 2400 bars.