Over the years PA. Technologies has been able to significantly develop its product range dedicated to the foundry sector. Thanks to proven and recognized solutions, the company has been able to establish coopoeration with big groups renowned for their quality standards. Our solutions are aimed at aluminum, cast iron and steel foundries but also at the ferroalloys industry and heat treatment furnace companies.


The profound knowledge of anti-abrasion solutions has enabled PA. Technologies to solve many wear problems in foundries and more particularly in the transport of sand regeneration: elbows, cuffs, Y pipes or vibrating hoppers.​


To solve a premature wear, PA. Technologies examines the degradation modes in order to increase the lifespand and the durability of refractories. The Delta Phoenix assortment helps combat thermal losses by effectively insulating equipment, offering energy savings and production gains, while responding to the environmental issues. We also address bonding issues in order that the refractories cleaning is reduced time while increasing its lifespan. 


PA. Technologies offers the graphite solutions from its partner GRAPHITE COVA, highly specialising in a field of graphite or carbon and graphite materials since 1880. We can propose the solutions adapted to different sectors i.e: glass, aluminum, foundry, powder technologies, etc.; and  in the form of bearings, porous carbon, inserts, tubes, coils, logs.