Flap valve under cyclone

With the cooperation of its cement customers, PA TECHNOLOGIES has developed and made its concept of complete flap valve under cyclone reliable. This complete flap valve suits to the strong requirements of the preheating towers last cyclones stage, in the cement industry. The concept is designed in order to fight against blockages, obtain an 100 % opening and facilitate maintenance (rear panel allowing change the spare parts, flap and seat of flap valve)

Tertiary air damper

Due to its perfect knowledge of materials, PA Technologies, developed several concepts of tertiary air dampers: guillotine or butterfly dampers, the design are studied in order to face up to the severe strengths in tertiary air ducts: Use of suitable materials, cooling of metallic structures to bring the different materials expansions into line and thus present most important mechanical resistance.

High temperature valve

In the same way as tertiary air dampers in the cement industry, PA Technologies develops and manufactures High temperatures gates (1200°)

Our concepts

Our Study department and our technical teams are studying all problems related to mechanical equipments subject to wear, corrosion or high temperatures. Our solutions are designed and realised with our mechanical partners. For instance, we develop refractory lifters, guillotine dampers, nozzles, hoppers , separators …